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Outside meets In!

Category: Food & Your Health
Posted: 2007-03-24 16:30

The coined phrase: "You are what you eat." helped give momentum to the movement that led us all to think about our health differently only a few decades ago.

Here is where I bridge the gap of being healthy from the OutsideIn and the mantra from the "Inside Out".

Food is matter for human consumption. There is no argument that fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, dairy, fish, and lean meats are essential for optimum health of the human organism and its protective systems - eaten in balance to one's own choices.

Somehow, those of us who acknowledge this as truth and fact are still in the minority! I don't have any idea why people are still eating balogna, cheese slices, and white-sandwich loaf. However, this is not the forum to debate the issue. The non-digestible and toxic nature of these types of "foods" are well documented.

While I will bring you information about "food" for consumption, the point here is to bring you a broader understanding of the relationship of food and your health, from the OutsideIn.

We can make all the best choices for what we are putting into our bodies yet most of us neglect, without realizing it, caring for the largest organ and protective system we have. The toxic relationship we maintain with our skin risks undoing, or at the very least interfering with, all our efforts to be healthy from "the inside out".

Finally, it is time to realize that without focusing on living from the OutsideIn in balance with the mantra "from the inside out" we cannot achieve the optimum health we desire.

So, I will explore this relationship and hopefully inspire you to consider the information when making decisions for your own health and well being.

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