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Fomentations for Healing

Category: Therapeutic Solutions
Posted: 2007-10-17 21:04

I've discovered yet another way to bring health and healing to our bodies from the OutsideIn!

Fomentations are either infusions or decoctions (depending upon which part of the plant is being used) in which a cloth is soaked into (to absorb liquid) and then applied to the ailing body part. A fomentationís uses are varied and will provide relief from congestion, will stimulate circulation, and help to heal and soothe irritated tissues.

Typically, bitter herbs are used and steeped in water or apple cider vinegar; adding cayenne powder to the mixture will encourage more circulation and warmth to the area.

How to prepare a Fomentation:

1. Steep the selected herbs in liquid (1 part herb to 3 parts liquid) until the tea is quite strong. Strain the tea.

2. Submerse a thick cloth into the hot tea (cotton, wool, linen, towel, gauze or even a diaper, being imaginative, will work).

3. Wring the cloth out (just enough to keep the liquid from running off the body) and test the heat before placing on the body. The cloth should be as hot as possible, without causing blistering.

4. Once placed on the body, keep the fomentation moist and warm by covering. Towels or saran wrap work fine.

5. When the cloth has cooled, remove from the body, soak it again and reapply.

Rules of thumb: Wet enough that no liquid runs off the body, large enough that the cloth covers the entire affected area, keep damp and warm and change periodically.

I will be adding additional selections to be used as Formentations. Check back!

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