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Category: Essential Oils
Posted: 2007-10-31 14:23

For many years now we have enjoyed the benefits of easy access to essential oils - the pure essence and beneficial elements from botanicals around the world. Some have internal applications while others are strictly for topical use. Many essential oils smell so nice we infuse our environments with them. While their perfume can be enjoyed on its own, we also benefit from these mentally and therapeutically.

Aromatherapy is the use of pure plant essential oils to promote health & balance in body, mind, and spirit.

For thousands of years, pure essential oils have been extracted from plants for their healing & nurturing properties.

Whether you're an experienced with aromatherapy or you just want to experiment with essential oils there is almost an endless selection. Some sources have rare and exquisite oils that reach deep inside your soul. Select oils that please your olfactory nerve (your nose!) or seek out oils that fulfill your need - be it physical or spiritual. If using topically (such as in a bath or massage), ensure they are not a skin irritant.

Ways to enjoy Aromatherapy

1. Add a few drops directly to a warm bath.

2. Blend directly with an unscented oil* like Palma Christi castor oil for use in localized therapeutic massage.

3.Blend with Palm'Hydra Base, an unscented cream, to make a custom fun or therapeutic cream.

4. Create a steam inhalation treatment by bringing water to boil, add a couple drops of essential oil, and inhale the steam. This provides powerful revitalizing and decongestant treatment.

5. Add essential oil to an oil diffuser (home or car).

Remember: essential oils are in their pure form and, therefore, potent, Chose carefully when applying undiluted essential oils directly on the skin as some may cause irritation.

*If blending a custom massage oil, castor oil should comprise no more than 15% of the recipe or the oil will be too thick to work well.
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