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Psoriasis Help !

Category: Skin Deep
Posted: 2008-05-12 20:31

Be sure to lick your fingers before you add other ingredients!

There, now that I've made my disclaimer I have some delicious information to share with you!

Honey has profound anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions on the skin. A study* has shown that compounds which include honey lead to a significant, measurable improvement in psoriasis.

So, to Palm'Hydra Base you can add some un-pasturized liquid honey and use this as a night cream.

For daytime use consider: vitamin-C rich rosehip oil which is an excellent natural antioxidant; and evening primorose oil which provides a source of GMA (Gamma Linoleic acid) and is an emollient, and promotes anti-inflammatory prostaglandins.

What does this mean in people speak?
If you or a loved one suffers from psoriasis, this would be a super treatment. Remember that our bodies are a reflection outside of what is going on inside. That being said, there are also benefits to those with skin conditions when they also detoxify their liver with a castor oil pack.

*Complementary Therapies in Medicine: 11; 226-34, 2003[i]
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