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Clay Mask Extras !

Category: Recipes
Posted: 2008-07-07 11:47

Cosmetic clays* make the perfect base for a facial and can be used on their own merit. But why not make them even more special with essential oils, infusions, or herbs for even more benefits for your skin?!!

Play with additions of aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar, or floral waters (orange or rose) in your cosmetic clay mask.

Herbs and essential oils, when added to the clay, create a scented mask of luxury. A basic recipe includes 2-3 oz. of cosmetic clay with 1-2 oz. of powdered herbs added.

Experiment with finely ground chamomile, marigold, calendula petals and peppermint leaves, lavender and marshmallow root. Ground Comfrey root, ginger root and slippery elm bark are good for dry skin. Rose petal powder adds some fragrance and citrus peel powder is good for astringency. Neem powder has an anti-bacterial quality for acne and oatmeal or milk powders soothe the skin.

*Cosmetic clays include the new Spa discovery Ghassoul and the well known green clay, white clay, and pink clay.
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