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Nail Signs - A Window on your Health

Category: Well, Let_s Talk!
Posted: 2009-03-26 09:59

What your body produces is a testimony to your inner health.
This applies to your saliva (acidity), your hair, your nails, and waste.

We address our dry or damaged hair but for some reason tend to dismiss ridges, dips, and colouring of our nails and nailbed.
Some good photos can usually help us determine if changes in our lifestyle and/or diet are required - or if seeking a professional opinion is necessary. A recent article was in the news with some additional details.

Take a look at the Outside window on your health. It is like watching the weather - once you understand the signs (dark clouds usually mean rain) it is easier to know what to do next ... in the case of rain, you grab your umbrella!

This is one more way to have better health news, from the OutsideIN!
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