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Inflammation & Pain

Category: Healing Touch
Posted: 2010-07-16 11:57

Stop for a moment.
Can you recall what it feels like to stand barefoot on warm, soft grass or sand?

Most of us feel good when we’re in barefoot contact with the earth. Why is that?

When you make direct contact with the earth, you become electrically grounded. A layer of free electrons covers the earth and when you walk barefoot on the grass or the beach, it gives you a peaceful feeling and a sense of being grounded. Even if you are doing something else and not specifically paying attention to it, the effect on your body is the same = our bodies become charged with free electrons when we’re in direct contact with the earth.

So what does this have to do with inflammation?

Here is a bit of science: the free electrons, which have a negative charge, neutralize free radicals, which are positively charged. A free radical is a charged molecule that is missing an electron. Because we loose touch with the earth in our modern lives, these free radicals continuously build up in our bodies.

Inflammation, oxidative stress, and free radical damage all involve the same thing: free radicals! These positively charged particles cause damage by stripping electrons from healthy tissue. When we are in barefoot contact with the earth, billions of free electrons enter our bodies every second = free radicals are neutralized and so is inflammation. The earth’s infinite supply of free electrons is probably the most powerful antioxidants source in existence!

Since inflammation is directly related to to pain and illness, it is good medicine to take a barefoot walk as often as you can and bring healing from the OutsideIN!
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