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Ghassoul 101

Category: Clay Discoveries
Posted: 2007-04-19 09:56

Let me introduce you to new twist on washing! Ghassoul (pronounced "rassool" ) is a natural reddish-brown clay.

http://outsideinlife.com/upload/thumb_Ghassoul_Herbal.JPG http://outsideinlife.com/upload/Rhassoul_powder.jpg

In Arabic the word itself translates into "cleansing clay". Now, what little boy would not be happy to tell his mother that a mud bath was actually a great way to get clean!

This isn't quite what I'm talking about but surely where our minds go when we think of washing with brown clay. "How can I get clean with "mud" ?", is the question that arises when I talk about Ghassoul.

Ghassoul is a natural, mild cleanser. Unlike soaps and shampoos Ghassoul contains no surfactants and cleanses gently by absorbing impurities and excess oil. Surfactants (found in both commercial and most natural shampoos and cleansers) break down the oil in the pores of your skin and force your body into a vicious, un-natural, oil-production cycle.

Alone, this cleanser respects the natural, protective lipids on the skin, scalp, and hair. Likewise, it does not irritate the sebacious glands on same. Ghassoul is especially recommended for use on sensitive or allergenic skin.

Nothing does well in an overly acidic or alkaline pH medium, least of all the human body! With a pH of 6.9 – 7.5 (7.0 being considered neutral), Ghassoul is THE choice for your hair and skin care. You'll find creative ideas with Recipes section,

In addition to the oil removal characteristics, a Ghassoul mask certainly has the ability to smooth and improve dry skin. It has been used for skin and hair care for over 12 centuries by populations from North Africa, South Europe and Middle East.

In it's native Morocco, Ghassoul is an integral part of the hammam (hot steam bath ritual) and is traditionally offered to young brides.

To this day, the Moroccan Royal Family reserves on of the Djebl-Ghassoul deposits strictly for their personal use.

This cleanser certainly brings health and balance to your body from the OutsideIN!
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