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Headaches & Peppermint

Category: Essential Oils
Posted: 2008-03-01 17:50

Headache and migraine sufferers have a handicap the rest of us can only try to empathize with. I get one, maybe two, headaches a year....if. However, I am not that far from the reality these people live in as my seventeen year old daughter has suffered from frequent migraines all her life.

In keeping with my philosophy, to enjoy a better quality of life from the OutsideIN, keeping my ear to the ground for headache solutions is something I do automatically.

Recently I've read more and more about the benefits of essential oils. One in particular is pertinent to this discussion, peppermint. Rub the oil on your temples or wherever there is pain. If you have sensitive skin you will want to protect it from this strong oil. Either first rub Palma Christi castor oil onto your temples (or area) first or dilute some peppermint essential oil in Palma Christi castor oil and keep this treatment handy.

My daughter is traveling so we have yet to try it. However, others cannot praise its effects enough! It provides a cooling sensation that is similar to an ice pack, but allows you to keep mobile.

At night, some report using an ice pack. To effectively double the cooling effect, apply the peppermint oil as well. This can provide tremendous amount of relief while sleeping.

Being small, a bottle of peppermint essential oil can be carried with you. You may find an opportunity to share this pain reliever with others. They will be surprised and thanked you for such an effective remedy.

Note: Avoid contact with the eyes and when taking homeopathic remedes. Peppermint essential oil is also excellent for indigestion, calming an upset tummy, and as a quick breath freshner!
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