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Vitamin C News!

Category: Food & Your Health
Posted: 2008-10-14 17:59

The mighty orange has been unseated as the powerhouse we have always considered it to be as an easy food source of vitamin C.

These numbers speak for themselves! (mg / 100 g)

orange - whole or juiced 50
strawberries 60
cress 60
cauliflower 60
Papaya 60
brussel sprouts 90
tomato purée 100
green pepper 100
kiwi 100
broccoli 110
parsley 150
guava juice * 200

Yes, an orange may be easy to eat but a little imagination is all you need to add the others to your table. The peppers and parsley can be part of a cold salsa dip, for example (keeping in mind that most raw foods provide more nutrients to our bodies).

Vitamin C increases our body's ability to assimilate iron and converts the iron into a much more soluble form. Vitamin C is important for the health of our eyes, there is 25% more vitamin C in the eye liquid than in blood plasma! It plays an important role in the health of our skin, gums, joints, lungs, and more.

Vitamin C is stolen from our bodies by oral contraceptives, tobacco, aspirin, cortisone, antibiotics, stress, and baking soda.

No nead to boycott the eating of oranges but do add some of the other sources to your diet to keep your immune and other systems healthy!

*This is my favorite! I first tried it this summer and it is delicious!


Facial Exercises Pt. 1

Category: Skin Deep
Posted: 2008-10-06 20:09

Now that, fed yourself and your family, you're home from your workout at the gym, and have enjoyed a chlorine free shower, you can round out your routine with some facial exercises!!

This is a good habit and the concept is not a new one. And, men, this is for you too!

Below is a collection of some easy-to-do facial exercises. These exercises are for specific areas of the face. Start by practicing in front of a mirror until you have all the movements firmly in mind.
(Note: you may want to lock the door first! grin)

Focus on the movements but try not to force them. Don’t do facial exercises for more than 5-10 minutes a day; more may stretch the skin and that is not the result we are aiming for!

#1 To relax forehead wrinkles
Raise your eyebrows as high as possible and lower them abruptly. Do this eight times.

#2 To relax wrinkles around the eyes
a) Turn your eyes to the right, and then to the left; roll your eyes up and then down.
b) Look in the mirror and blink, 'pursing’ your eyes.

#3 To ease wrinkles caused by weary eyes and to relax eyes
a) Face a wall, standing about six feet away so that you can see the entire wall easily. Without moving your head, move your eyes, beginning at the upper right corner of the wall and looking down to the floor, turning left to the lower left corner and then raising the eyes to the upper left corner. Repeat this ten times, starting with the right corner five times.
b) Look up to the ceiling and suddenly look down, repeating this ten times.
c) Look from the right corner of the wall to the left and back again, repeating this several times.

Keep an eye on OutsideIN Life for more in Facial Exercises Pt. 2!
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