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Breast Health with Castor Oil

Category: Healing Touch
Posted: 2009-04-17 02:06

A growing number of breast thermography clinics are recommending women use castor oil when performing their monthly breast exam. Its viscous nature allows for a more accurate exam and encourages health in the breast tissue. Women will want to look for a certified cold pressed and hexane*-free quality, preferably l'Originelle or Gold (organic) brand as these alone are of a quality that leaves no sticky/gummy residue on the skin. (see note below)

Applying castor oil on the breasts increases lymphatic circulation, breaks down adhesions, and increase immune cell activity in the tissues.

Castor oil's unique molecule, ricinoleic acid (an omega fatty acid). promotes T11 lymphocyte production and can accelerate the healing of infection and sooth discomfort.

Massaging the breast with castor oil can help excessive body fluid return to the lymphatic system.

Also, breast massage with castor oil is frequently used to increase milk flow in lactating women. It is effective in soothing sore, irritated/inflamed nipples of breastfeeding women; working faster than any commercial salve. No concern for trace amounts of castor oil left on skin when baby is nursing.

Note: a growing number of natural product stores across Canada are carrying this quality of castor oil. For your convenience, I have tracked down the website for l'Originelle and Gold castor oils.


Massage Techniques

Category: Healing Touch
Posted: 2008-10-20 14:36

Massage therapy is a natural therapeutic technique of soft-tissue manipulation with the hands.

Gosh! Doesn't sound as good as it feels!

Massage therapy is a technique intended to relieve muscle tension, fatigue, and stress. It also improves circulation and allows the tissues to return to their natural functions.

Massage therapy has an effect on the function of the whole body!


Different styles of massage are used to address different needs. The most common are:

Swedish Massage
This technique is primarily designed to relieve muscle and joint pain. It is a skin-level massage which serves to relax the nervous and respiratory systems. The techniques uses a combination of firm and gentle manipulations.

Kinesi-therapy Massage
This is known as relief through movement therapy. It involves a number of manual techniques designed to restore various joints and is used to identify the potential cause of restricted physical mobility.

This method involves the application of pressure techniques on specific reflex points, like the feet. These correspond with internal organs and glands.

And I will write about others soon!

Now, if you didn't feel tense and lacking of mobility before now, you very well may from reading this!

Your children will also benefit from your healing touch. Frequently, a gentle pressure massage on their legs and backs help them relax after a long day - no different from you!
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