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Adrenal Glands - Crisis of the 21st Century!

Category: Therapeutic Solutions
Posted: 2009-11-05 15:16

There has been a noted dip in new articles in recent months. And, there was a noted dip in my health in recent months.

This time the research was personal. I was unprepared and un-informed about my adrenal glands. Having never really considered them before, it seemed logical that these would be pea-sized glands in the neck, perhaps below and slightly behind the earlobe.

Nothing could be further from reality! The adrenal glands come by twos. We each have a pair and they are located near the base of your ribcage, in your back. One straddles the top of each kidney and are made of two layers. The outer layer is called the cortex and it really is master of your universe! Even the cerebral cortex in your brain is under the authority of your adrenal gland.

There is a vicious circle that resulted in my left adrenal gland shutting down ... like a "cold re-boot" when you turn off and on your computer! When under internal stress, strife, concern, worry, anxiety, fear, etc. our adrenal glands pump out cortisol.
This cortisol is produced when we are in a beta-brain wave state, the state we pop into when a big bear chases us through the woods. Get the picture?!! Many of us live in that state and are not really clued in to the fact - neither was I. Somehow, I learned at a very young age how to turn off the warning signs that I was living with internal stress = constantly being chased by that bear!

Now, add to that cortisol/brain wave cocktail some external stress= child home sick, forgot to get my phone bill paid yesterday, sister's birthday card not mailed, etc.

The final ingredient to this cocktail is adrenaline! Things like extra errands this week, late night helping with child's research paper, catching up on laundry, or anything that pushes your day into the late evening hours.

Our cocktail is now ready to be served! But wait The adrenal glands have pumped out all the cortisol and adrenaline they can muster and need to "eat" to replenish themselves. Hmmmm, interesting that stress burns up magnesium and that this is one of the key nutrients the adrenal glands must have!

Yes, I starved my adrenals while pushing them into overload production capacity. So, one shut down. Like a car out of gas.

Guess what? Adrenal burnout is considered the Silent Epidemic of the 21st Century.

I will keep you up to date with how I got back on my feet and how you can protect your adrenal gland health!

The Healing Power of Nature

Category: Therapeutic Solutions
Posted: 2009-10-28 14:35

Well, there has never been more "outside" working for the "inside" as written about here!

The healing power of nature - easy access benefits to ADD, ADHD, obesity, childhood depression, mental health, and more!

Don't worry, there are benefits for us big kids too!

Here's your quick access to the Healing Power of Nature.
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