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John Hopkins research

Category: Back Pain & Heat Therapy
Posted: 2007-08-11 20:32

Most of us have suffered from back or joint pain at some point. Even in our youth, many sports leave us feeling the effects long after the fun is done.

For many injuries, cold therapy is the first recourse. However, afterwards, heat therapy plays an important role on its own or in conjunction with cold therapy. I've included an excerpt from a John Hopkins Study for your reference (the link to the original is at the bottom of this article).

"So-called continuous low-level heat therapy should be considered as an adjunct or even an alternative to pharmacological management of acute lower back pain, said Edward J. Bernacki, M.D., M.P.H., of Johns Hopkins. He called the relief dramatic."

... "The pain intensity reduction shown in this study did not disappear after controlling for pain medication usage, suggesting that the benefits of topical heat resulted in extra pain reduction beyond that associated with pain medications alone ... Throughout the two-week study period, the heat-therapy group also had significantly greater improvements in mobility, as assessed by standard instruments."

I've recently found, and fell in love with, Insta'Heat. This heat pack requires no electricity, no batteries, and no microwave! You can enjoy the 130║F for close to 2 hours; anywhere, anytime! One of the models even comes with a one-size-fits-all belt to house the heat pack! This lets me wear it on the small of my back, the nape of my neck, my thigh (I like to hike!), or on the abdomen for female discomforts. However, I must admit I do like the "anywhere", "anytime" part best!

This lovely invention is a brand new product. I am getting the scoop on Insta'Heat and will be writing a exposÚ on how this amazing heat pack works! Rest assured, in the mean time, I have done my checking and the liquid inside is non-toxic and FDA approved.

So, what are you waiting for to get relief of your back pain ?!

John Hopkins study


Back Talk !

Category: Back Pain & Heat Therapy
Posted: 2007-06-27 22:38

I came upon this website
recently. For those of you with back issues this has both preventative and care information.

Our backs along with our abdominal muscles support our entire structure. It is important to give a little attention to your abdominal mucles. Although a "six-pack" ripple of abs looks good on the beach, we require far less conditioning to help our backs carry the load called "us".

When we sit and stand tall our internal organs have place to sit where they function best rather than find themselves squished due to poor posture.

Working and playing safe - Back Safe - is a great way to help you have a better quality of life.
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