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Candida Albicans Help

Category: Food & Your Health
Posted: 2010-05-12 16:17

Decades ago I suffered from a severe imbalance of candida albicans. I lived with food cravings and mood swings, phantom aches, and too often a sore throat. In the 1980's, no one had heard about candida albicans and the book The Yeast Connection was finally out in print.

I was fortunate to find a nutrutionist who was begining to study candida albicans with a professor at McGill University in Montreal (Canada). I became part of their early trials as they evaluated their hypotheses.

Food played a major part in getting healthy. Six months of a very strict elimination diet was not easy but my efforts paid off.

Today I found a website that excellently describes the food side and other considerations.

It is my delight to share it with you!

Anti-fungal treatment for candida albicans

Foods that Fight Pain

Category: Food & Your Health
Posted: 2010-04-26 15:51

Some foods contribute or even cause inflammation inside the body. For some people this causes pain and reduced mobility.

I bring to your attention an excellent new book out by Dr. Neal Barnard called Foods That Fight Pain.

You can check out more here.
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