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Food Selection

Category: Food & Your Health
Posted: 2007-09-23 09:32

Food selection and menu preparation isn't always what we want to do with our precious free minutes. However, the more time we take to understand some keys, the better we take care of our body... initially from the OutsideIN.

Illness, injury, pain, and overall health are all impacted by what we eat, how we eat, and when we eat.

Check out Food of the Week. This site doesn't lack for anything!

Tooth & Gum Care

Category: Food & Your Health
Posted: 2007-08-07 21:50

I ask you, are teeth part of your outside or inside? I guess, technically speaking, your teeth are not part of your outside like your eyebrows or fingernails. However, they are not as inside as your heart and lungs.

Since I try to focus on the OutsideIN, discussing our teeth is borderline. So, let us consider, for argument sake, that the teeth are the portal to the inside! This makes them closer to the outside! I mean, after all, we can see them and we can't see out lungs.

With this in mind, I want to share some neat tips I've collected that will help you improve the wellbeing of your "portal" (teeth).

Tooth-decay can be prevented by regular consumption of apples as they possess a mouth cleansing property and the acid content, apart from its nutritive value, assists in promoting the flow of saliva which is beneficial to your teeth.

Grapes are also useful in preventing tooth decay. The organic acids of grapes are strongly antiseptic.

Lemons and limes also promote healthy teeth and gums due to their vitamin C content. This strengthens the gums and teeth and is very effective in preventing and curing acute inflammation of the gums. A glass of fresh citrus juice in the morning is of great value in keeping the gums pink and healthy. Since it is likely more than most of us can "swallow", especially first thing in the morning, I like to add the juice of a lime to about 6oz of water. This is also very refreshing and a mild appetite supresant for those afternoon munchies. Bonus!

Raw spinach (palak) juice is another valuable ‘food remedy’ for the prevention and treatment of pyorrhea because of its beneficial effects on the teeth and gums. This effect is greatly enhanced if the spinach juice is taken in combination with carrot juice. Sounds like a great iron, vitamin C, and fiber drink!

Chewing unripe guava (I still need to check what season this little fruit is available in!) is an excellent tonic for teeth and gums. It stops the bleeding from gums due to styptic effect and richness in vitamin C. Chewing the leaves of the guava tree (probably harder to find for most of us) also helps prevent bleeding from the gums.

With all this talk of food, let us not forget that the removal of same from our teeth and gums is paramount in keeping them healthy. I have heard that you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes in order to clean them properly. Well, to test the theory I bought an electric toothbrush (I have heard for years that these are much better than the ones most of us grew up with) that comes with a built in timer for 2 minutes. So, now there is no brain work, just add fluoride-free toothpaste and turn it on!

Without going into the sordid details, I must tell you it makes a difference! I was surprised what the combination of swirling and pulsing of a little brush can do with a 2 minute timer!

I now present the challenge to you!
Eat and brush well to enjoy a clean "portal" and flash a beautiful smile!

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