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Make Your Own Water!

Category: Water Stories
Posted: 2010-01-02 21:18

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can!
Well, you can make your own clean and healthy water.

Bottled water has proven in labs to be no better than tap water and in many cases worse. Add to that the consequences of the plastic being used.

Chlorine is not the only thing that lands in our drinking water. Bacteria and viruses can survive the "decontamination" process used by city facilities. A number of cities also add fluoride which is not something you should be ingesting.

Many filtering systems will not just remove the above elements but will leave the water stripped of its mineral content.

In February 2009 I happened upon what, for me, was an exciting discovery!


This simple water filtering system re-mineralizes the water, leaves it with an alkaline PH (what we want in our diet), and provides pure and healthy water to drink and cook with. My house has 6 bodies and we are all big water drinkers and we all cook. So, the little pitcher on the counter that always seems to be empty is a thing of the past. Now we have litres of water ready for whatever life presents ... be it a glass or a pot of soup!

Another very cool detail is the five-stage filter we replace only every 6 months (fewer people drinking it will likely last a bit longer) and the 1st stage ceramic filter is only changed every 2 years! I love it!!

Great water, good health, low maintenance ... abundance from the OutsideINto you!

The excitement is growing. Read this wonderful article and learn more about pure water for your home!

Dangers of Chlorine

Category: Water Stories
Posted: 2008-06-25 15:45

I first spotlighted the dangers of chlorine in Toxic Showers where the focus is on the chlorine gas.

An equally important consideration is the effects of chlorine on your body, more specifically its absorbtion into your body.

The use of shower filters has risen dramatically in the last couple of decades as the cosmetic benefits of the devices have been realized. Shower filters are designed to remove chlorine as well as other harmful synthetic chemicals and VOCs from showering water. They attach directly to the shower faucet outlet and are effective at removing unwanted chemicals at up to approximately 115 degrees. Most shower filters involve a two-step process in which water first flows through a granular copper/zinc media. This stage is designed to remove chlorine and restore the natural pH balance of the water. In the second stage of filtration, the water flows through a carbonized, coconut shell medium which eliminates synthetic chemicals and VOCs.

The cosmetic benefits of using a shower filter are obvious to anyone who has ever experienced the harshness of chlorinated water. The removal of chlorine from showering water guarantees softer skin and hair as the body is able to maintain and replenish its natural, moisturizing oils. Also, chlorine removal allows for less frequent use of expensive lotions and conditioners because skin and hair is naturally softer and healthier.

Although the cosmetic benefits of the removal of chlorine from showering water are already enough to warrant the use of shower filters, the truly beneficial aspect of chlorine removal concerns health. For a large portion of users, shower filters can initiate significant improvements in respiratory health. Chlorine and other synthetic chemicals in water vaporize at a much faster rate than simple water molecules. As one showers, these harmful chemicals quickly become gaseous and are easily inhaled. Once inhaled, these chemicals are particularly insidious. They can cause or aggravate asthma and other respiratory problems. When chlorine is removed from showering water, this aggravation no longer occurs.

Shower filters are equally important, if not more important, than drinking water filters. When chlorine vapors are inhaled, the chlorine enters directly into the blood stream without the partial filtering effects of the digestion process. A warm shower also enlarges the pores in skin and allows for absorption of chlorine into the body through these pores. Absorption of chlorine through the skin can cause significant skin problems. Thus, showering in chlorinated water is much more dangerous than drinking that same water.

If interested, you can read more about this topic and how we have arrived where we are with water treatment.
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