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S N O W !

Category: Well, Let_s Talk!
Posted: 2007-11-23 16:50

Yikes! I am not prepared for winter this year, not at all! The white wonderland arrived two days ago, not just to visit for an hour or so (as is normal for late fall in Montreal, Canada) but to linger. And linger, it seems, it will. From the looks of it, the lingering will last several months!

I am a proud wintertarian and have always enjoyed the "white stuff" and the months of its lingering. Last February, however, I was suddenly struck by a very keen sense of having had enough! This took me quite by surprise.

As I left my creative lair (the office) yesterday, I stepped outside into what seemed to be a movie. A scary one at that. There was white stuff everywhere! It was cold. It was dark. It was windy.
I was quite ready for the "pinch" that would wake me from my surreal, dare I say, dream.

Alas, my big strong man looked at me and laughed. It was an almost painful revelation. Winter has in deed arrived. What is a wintertarian to do when faced with the oh, so uncomfortable realization that palm trees and a sea breeze are now calling her - as out from a Sleeping Beauty state.

Time to face the hard reality that I seem to have used up my snowy credits and hope not to grumble too loudly or too often about it all.

I have a scraper in my car trunk but not the shovel, yet. I waited (not like me!) to have my snow tires put on, and am still waiting (blush).

So along with those winter essentials, I must refresh my stash of Palma Lips in the pocket of my coat and in my purse, to weather the cold and wind.

After many (a lady never tells her age - giggle) decades of being a wintertarian I have yet to find a better balm! Take a look at what you have stashed in your pocket. If your lip care has parafin (a petroleum product) or other non-beneficial ingredients then I really hope you'll give this one a try. It comes in 7 quite unique flavours and has over 30% pure Palma Christi castor oil in the mix. Being the most hydrating and nourishing botanical oil, it (Palma Lips) is for me the only choice.

Good-bye chapped and dry lips!
(... wish the snow was as easy to deal with!)

Massage Therapy

Category: Healing Touch
Posted: 2007-11-19 22:03

What is Massage Therapy?

Differing from what you give your boyfriend (or, for some of us lucky gals, who also get one from him!), the term massage therapy covers a group of practices and techniques.

I continue to be amazed with diversity. France has over 400 kinds of cheese. Would you have guessed there are over 80 types of massage therapies!

In all of them, therapists press, rub, and otherwise manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body, often varying pressure and movement. They most often use their hands and fingers but may use their forearms, elbows, or feet as well.

Typically, the intent is to relax the soft tissues, increase delivery of blood and oxygen to the massaged areas, warm them, and decrease pain.

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years. References to massage have been found in ancient writings from many cultures, including those of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Japan, China, Egypt, and the Indian subcontinent.

In modern day North America, massage therapy first became popular and was promoted for a variety of health purposes starting in the mid-1800s. In the 1930s and 1940s, however, massage therapy fell out of favor, mostly because of scientific and technological advances in medical treatments. Interest in massage therapy and its benefits were reconsidered during the 1970s, especially among athletes.

Today, people use massage therapy for a wide variety of health-related intents: to relieve pain (often from musculoskeletal conditions, but from other conditions as well); rehabilitate sports injuries; reduce stress; increase relaxation; address feelings of anxiety and depression; and aid general wellness.

i encourage you to include this into your personal recipe for wellbeing. Note: always consult your medical practitioner before any type of massage therapy if being treated for an existing condition.
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