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Soap Stress

Category: Skin Deep
Posted: 2008-02-24 18:41

Stress is more than just getting all the red lights on your way to an important appointment or a flat tire when it is pouring rain. Stress is any adverse condition or environment that we place ourselves in. This includes body stress, on our entire organism, when we don't consider the PH balance of our skin - a delicate but important issue.

Let's talk about soap. Soap has an alkaline reaction on our skin and you don't want that! By keeping the skin in an acid reaction, it will help you have healthier skin.

The skin is frequently referred to as our third kidney. When in an acid reaction it throws off toxic poisons through its billions of pores.

So, what are alternatives?

You can replace soap with a natural cleanser such as Ghassoul - which has no soap or soap-like ingredients.

For an occasional vitality tonic: add 1/2 c. of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to a bowl/basin of warm water and wash yourself with it - leaving it dry (don't rinse).

And I've just discovered a hot new alternative.... but you'll have to check back to read it next week (still being edited!).

When you're done - don't forget to nourish your skin! My family and I opt for Palm'Hydra products.


Category: Therapeutic Solutions
Posted: 2008-02-21 22:36

Time for a Road Trip gang!!

Click to discover 21 Powerful Reasons To Exercise!

This is a quick read and includes many cool facts to help you have a better quality of life, from the OutsideIN !
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