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What's a Hammam?

Category: Skin Deep
Posted: 2008-07-29 16:12

I enjoy e-spas ... confused!!
I enjoy visiting spa websites! One day I will have a super spa experience in living colour, meanwhile, I have fun looking and learning and enjoying the e-spa experience.

One newer addition to some upscale spas is a Hammam. I had to do some poking around to find out more but it is a lovely treatment, rather experience. A bathing suit or body wrap is worn.

The Hammam : spreader of warmth
Its roots go back to the Roman thermal baths and the tradition is still alive in Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, and Spain as a cleansing ritual.

So, come on into my Moroccan e-Hammam!!

Join me first in the Warm Room.
Here, we'll get our bodies accustomed to the heat in the Hammam and fill two of the many available large buckets; one with cold water and one with warm water. We use some of the water to clean the floor of the space we'll be sitting on. Now, we wash ourselves a first time, but just superficially, to get rid of the basic dirt on our skin and hair.

Next, we'll walk into the Hot Room.
The heat here allows our pores to open wide and allows us to perspire. This brings out impurities and dirt hidden in our pores and will do wonders for our skin. How much time we spend in this room depends on our tolerance for heat. We can use the water in the buckets to refresh ourselves from time to time, although most Moroccans leave their buckets in the warm room.

Now, we return to the Warm Room.
Here we'll do a more thorough washing. We soap* up using the water from one bucket in the process to wash our skin and hair. A fellow bather may offer to wash your back for you. This is a courtesy, don't misinterpret it for anything else. Now, we rinse off using the water in the second bucket. With our bath done, carefully empty the remaining water from both buckets along the walls of the warm room.

It is time to enter the Cold Room.
Many hammams have communal showers in this room, so we can rinse any remaining perspiration and soap off. There are also benches in this room where we can relax for a while and let our bodies get used to normal temperatures again.

I hope you feel refreshed, from the OutsideIN. Come back and visit my e-hammam any time! If you do go to a hammam please write me and tell me of your experience!

*In a traditional Moroccan Hammam the cleansing is done with a pure clay called Ghassoul.

Yes! You Can!

Category: Well, Let_s Talk!
Posted: 2008-07-17 10:32

I just received a most inspiring email link from my father today. I don't forward many emails, certainly not the fluff that tends to circulate.


There was hardly a second that passed before I logged on to send this link to you! No matter who you are, what you are facing, where you've been or where you're going ... take 3 minutes to watch this.


We are all special, we just don't see it very easily.

You are special !

My this gift inspire you to recognize it!
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