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OutsideIN Life: A new concept in healthy living

"So, what is the concept?", you are asking.

The Short Answer:

More and more of us are making choices regarding our health. We are choosing organic foods, natural supplements, herbal teas and tinctures, drinking more water and usually filtering it, etc.

However, we are usually unaware that there are choices to be made for how we take care of the outside of our bodies, all of which influence the balance within.

What is "new"? Until recently, realizing that our choices regarding products other than what we put in our mouth are seldom part of the equation. Those of us who have been buying organic food and treating ailments naturally still tend to shop for our shampoo and hand cream at the drug store. These choices seriously undermine the efforts we are making regarding our "natural" health.

Here, at OutsideIN Life, I share with you the options available so you can make a more informed choice about how you care for yourself and your family on the "outside" and, consequently, have a positive impact on the "inside".

The Long Answer:

Read the articles here at OutsideIN Life.
There is an answer in each one.

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